The Galloping Gaucho
Season N/A, Episode N/A
[[File:The Galloping Gaucho title card|250px]]
Air date August 2 1928 (limited release)
December 30 1928 (wide release)
Written by Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising
Directed by Walt Disney
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The Galloping Gaucho is a 1928 animated cartoon with the twenty-eighth appearance of Pete and the second appearances of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.


Mickey is introduced riding on a rhea instead of a horse as would be expected (or an ostrich as often reported). He soon reaches local bar and resturant Cantina Argentina. He enters the establishment with the apparent intent to relax with some drinking and smoking.

Already present are resident barmaid and dancer Minnie Mouse and a follow customer. The latter is Black Pete and is soon introduced as a wanted outlaw. Pete had already been established as an antagonist in both the Alice Comedies and the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series. However this short marks his first encounter with either Mickey or Minnie. The latter pair also appear unfamiliar to each other. The short apparently depicts their initial encounter.

Minnie performs the tango and salso and both customers start flirting with her. Pete then attempts to put an early ending their emerging rivarly by proceeding in kidnapping her. He escapes on his horse while Mickey gives chase on his rhea and soon catches up to his rival. Pete and Mickey proceed in challenging each other to a sword duel. The latter emerges the victor and finally gets hold of the Minnie. The finale has Mickey and Minnie riding the rhea into the distance.